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You can only apply to come to the UK through this scheme if you are a national of one of the following countries:

– Australia
– Canada
– Japan
– Monaco
– New Zealand
– Hong Kong
– The Republic of Korea
– Taiwan

British overseas nationals and citizens of overseas British territories are also eligible for the Youth Mobility route

If you meet the above criteria then you must also:

• Be aged between of 18 and 30

• have enough money to support yourself

• have at least £1,809 in your bank account 90 days prior to your application

• not have had a Youth Mobility Visa or Working Holiday Visa in the past

If you want to learn more about applying for a Youth Mobility Visa, you can contact our team by calling us on 01283 398744 or by mobile at +44 (0)7723 915128 or Email:


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